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Now you can win a CD/DVD of the Enchante2K7 from my collection of Pictures and Videos.
This contest is valid till 30th April.

Read the Terms and Conditions below to know more...

How to take part in Contest...

  • Contest opens on 19th April 2007
  • You should register with the website
  • Registration is free

What to do to win the contest...

  • You have to invite your friends (students of JMIT Radaur only) to register at this site
  • You will be provided with a URL which will be your referral Id
  • You have to give this referral ID to your friends to join or you can send them through invitation link in your account
  • After a friend of yours click on the link you gave to him/her, he/she will reach the registration page
  • After a successful registration he/she will be added to your invitees
  • Hint:

    The participant not involved in any act that is against to our Rules or Terms and Conditions, logins to his/her account a minimum number of times and regularly, and have a good number of invited friends can become a winner depending on Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Contest opens on 19th April 2007
  • Only students from JMIT Radaur (Currently Studying) can take part
  • The contest is subject to cancel or change without any prior notice.
  • The contest Rules or Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time.
  • No query will be taken from the contest participants.
  • This contest is not meant for any professional terms.
  • The prize for the contest is a limited number of pieces
  • Under any circumstance the participant of the contest may be canceled by Administrator at any time.
  • Any participant found cheating or found related to any act which doesn't go with the terms and conditions will be canceled from contest.
  • The prizes cannot be exchanged with the cash amount.
  • If the winner is found guilty of not following any rules or terms and conditions he/she/ may be removed from the contest at any time.
  • The decisions of Web Administrator will be final.
  • If a winner is found to invite the fake registrations or found to have done registrations of others himself will be disqualified from the contest
  • The winners invitees will be checked to make sure that they have honestly invited their friends
  • All the invited friends of contest participants should login into their account a minimum number of times (which will depend on highest number of visits) only then a invitee will be counted as an invitee for the concerned participant.
  • you also need to login minimum number of times to your account to be a winner
  • A login from you or from your friend will be counted as per our algorithm
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