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Terms and Conditions!

All the participants for the events taking place in ENCHANTE should comply with the rules and regulations for each event and the categorial rules. The events are having the different rules and criterias depending upon the particular event and the category it belongs to. The participants should visit here from time to time so that they know more about it.


  • Any rule(s) is subject to change and at any time and the old rule may or may not be applicable
  • Any additional rule can be included at any time
  • Rules should be followed seriously otherwise which can lead to serious consequencies leading to the disqualification for any event.
  • The participant should refer to the event description also for the events rules.
  • Found guilty for the reasons for the participants or the ENCHANTE team members can lead to cancellation of your account


  • The participant for any event should be registered with the ENCHANTE with all the necessary details.
  • All rules are binding on an all the participants
  • If found cheating or indulged in any activity that leads to some breaking of rules or if not complying with the rules of the organisation can lead to disqualification
  • The decision of the concerned committee will be final
  • The selection procedure for final events and for all other events and the selections made for the concerned committee will be final
  • The participant for the group events should remain thier secret code for the group with them only and their group.
  • The security breach can lead to the cancellation of your event group and also the cancellation of your account with the ENCHANTE
  • Read FAQs for your queries


  • Any event is subject to changed even upto the last moment
  • any event can be cancelled or revoked
  • Even after the event have taken place it may be cancelled and the result therefor remain cancelled
  • No further queries will be taken after an event is cancelled
  • It may be followed that for the final events the selection procedure will be notified and the partcipants should refer to the event description
  • Due to resources shortage(of any kind) or due to any other reason the number of participants may remain limited and this will be done by the concerned department and the decision will be final.

Venue & Time

  • Venue and Time for all the events wll be decided by the concerned committee and decision is final
  • Venue and Time for any event can change at any time even up at the last moment
  • The cancellation of any Venue can lead to either canellation of the event taking place at that venue or change of the venue for that event
  • The time for any event is subject to change at any time


  • The results for the events will be finalised by the faculty members and the authority assigned for the purpose(and the events judges)with the co-operation of the organisors and the volunteers.
  • The result for any event can be delayed under circumstances.
  • The result for an event may remain pending depeding on the cancellation of the event or due to any reason.
  • No further enquiries can be made regarding the results after the declaration.
  • Results are subject to change.


  • The leak in security or an kind of secuirty breach can lead to disqualification
  • If you have the security of any other group or any user(participant) then immediately tell the concerned authority for the ENCHANTE
  • If found using any one others account can lead to immediate disqualification from the ENCHANTE


  • The team responsible for the ENCHANTE should also comply with all these rules
  • For any event it can be possible that any team member of the ENCHANTE is not allowed to tak e part in it. It can also be stated as that he/she is not allowed to take part in any event
  • If any member of this team is found indulge in making others participants help cheating or doing something unlawful or making some harms to the ENCHANTE rules and regulations can be discraded from the ENCHANTE team and his/her participation in any event(s) can be cancelled
  • The selection procedure for the ENCHANTE team will be decided by the concerned authority and the decision for the final selections is subject to change and may go on till the end of ENCHANTE time.
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